Meet Judith – Madison Parish

When we met Judith, she had been waiting in line at our mobile distribution in Tallulah for over an hour.

Judith said she depends on the groceries she receives from the Food Bank to help make ends meet each month.

“It’s been harder than I’ve ever had it in my life,” she said.

Judith lives on a limited income and homeschools her three grandchildren, one of whom is diabetic like her.

“The Food Bank has nutritious and low-calorie foods we can eat,” she said.

Judith and her family love the milk, vegetables, and fruits they pick up at our mobile food pantry. She says it’s a relief to be able to provide healthy meals to her family.

“It makes me feel great to know my grandkids are going to be fed, and I can keep them on a healthy diet,” she said.

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Help fill the plates of local families who face hunger