Feeding Families in Morehouse Parish

Walmart and Sam’s Club are supporting the Feeding America® nationwide network of food banks, including the Food Bank of Northeast Louisiana through the Fight Hunger. Spark Change. Campaign to help feed those experiencing hunger in our community. Please read to learn how Walmart and Sam’s Club are supporting the Food Bank of Northeast Louisiana.  

Tina’s top priority is creating the best life for her 7-year-old son, Hayden. Hayden is in the first grade, and if you ask him what his favorite school subject is, he will quickly answer, “art.”

Tina first visited a local Food Bank food pantry four years ago when she needed help feeding her family. Tina had stopped working in order to take care of her mother who was battling cancer.

“I wasn’t able to work and was homebound with her,” she shared.

That is when she turned to the Food Bank for help. She visited Care and Hope, a Food Bank partner agency in Bastrop.

Care and Hope participates in the Food Bank’s Retail Rescue Program, a program where local retailers like Walmart and Sam’s Club partner with Food Bank food pantries to provide fresh produce and other quality food that would go to waste but instead goes to our neighbors who face hunger.

Tina is back working full-time on landscaping, but work often slows down each year during the winter months and visits a food pantry when she needs to.

“It helps me in a time of need when I don’t have the money to make ends meet,” she explained.

Tina uses the groceries she receives to help make meals for her family, which often includes Hayden’s favorite, mac & cheese.

You can support the Food Bank of Northeast Louisiana by donating today. $10 can help provide about 30 meals to families struggling with hunger.

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Help fill the plates of local families who face hunger