Hunger in Morehouse Parish

Hunger in Morehouse Parish

Local Food Insecurity Rates


Overall Food Insecurity Rate


Child Food Insecurity Rate

Food Bank Impact FY22

563,769 lbs

of food provided to families in need in Morehouse Parish

1,534 individuals

Served each month, including 294 children and 547 seniors

Our Hunger Relief Network

The Food Bank has multiple food assistance programs in this parish:

  • Senior Program
  • Community Partners – 5
  • Disaster Relief

Your Support Helps Feed Families in Morehouse Parish

Morehouse Parish

As a single mom, Samantha tries to ensure her kids have the best possible life. But it’s not easy.

“I work really hard every week and all the money goes to bills. With what little I have extra, it goes to the kids,” she said.

Which is why Samantha visits a food pantry near her home.

“The food pantry has helped us a lot since I’m the only income. We get a box of food that comes with meat, canned food, dairy products and even snacks for the kids. It helps when we need it,” she said.

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